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School counselling in Canada is thriving - be part of something great
through membership in the CCPA School Counsellors Chapter.

Originating in 2000, the School Counsellors Chapter is a growing professional group
of CCPA. The Chapter aims to provide elementary and secondary school counsellors
in Canadian private and public schools with access to professional development, open
discussion and networking, advocacy, and research opportunities.
The Chapter members come from all Canadian provinces and territories. Students and
international members also belong to the Chapter.
CCPA members who are school counsellors, or other CCPA members interested in the school
counselling profession, may join the School Counsellors Chapter for a fee of $15 per year.
The majority of Chapter members have chosen to attain the “Canadian Certified Counsellor” (C.C.C.) designation. was created in order to help people better understand distress they are experiencing and to link them to sources of help that will enable them to learn skills and strategies to manage these problems. Being able to recognize symptoms and deal with them early in life increases the chances of better long-term outcomes and positive mental health across the lifespan.

Whether you are experiencing symptoms, or know someone who might be, we all have a responsibility to each other to tear down the barriers that keep us from talking about Mental Illness openly.

iMinds is a health education resource for grades 6-10 that aims to help students maximize their health literacy – the knowledge and skills they need to survive and thrive in a world where drug use is common. Students get much more out of the lessons than simply a better understanding of issues involving alcohol, cannabis and other substances.

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Entitled Healthy Minds, Healthy People, the cross-ministry plan reflects both extensive public and stakeholder consultation and evidence-based research and practice. It is aligned with existing child, youth and adult mental health and substance use strategies across the province, as well as the national mental health framework.

Healthy Minds, Healthy People places a strong emphasis on children and families, based on research that shows that early engagement and access to targeted supports can prevent or reduce mental illness and substance use problems later in life.

Download...A Ten-Year Plan to Address Mental Health and Substance Use in British Columbia


At School, More Stressed Kids, Fewer Counsellors
Widening ratio of students to counsellors 'outrageous,' says UBC professor.
By Carrie Swiggum, 8 Sep 2011,


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