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We have compiled a comprehensive list of websites which provide useful information for BCTF members and local leaders interested in labour issues and educational theory and practice. Many of our web pages have links to subject specific sites.

Table of Contents

Education partners
Facts & figures
Government & agencies
Lobbying & organizing on the web
Post secondary links
Research institutes
School districts, trustees & schools
Teaching exchanges
Teacher orgs. & professional assocs.


Education (see also Government and agencies)

  • The American Educational Research Association is an international professional organization with the primary goal of advancing educational research and its practical application.
  • British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils, a non-profit organization representing parental views about public education.
  • Canadian Association of Media Education Organizations is an association of Canadian media literacy groups from across Canada.
  • Check Your Head (CYH) is a youth driven organization located in Vancouver.
  • The ERIC database includes full text non-journal documents from 1993 to the present. The Educator's Reference Desk is maintained by the researchers who created the AskERIC service, and includes access to lesson plans, the ERIC database, and links to online education information.
  • The Homeroom, British Columbia's history of education website.
  • Learning Forward British Columbia - mandate is to ensure that "every educator engages in effective professional learning every day so every student achieves".
  • MediaSmarts (formerly the Media Awareness Network) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting digital and media literacy, and providing Canadian-based digital and media literacy resources.
  • The Pride Education Network advocates for change in the educational system that will result in a positive environment for LGBTQ people in education, whether they are students, parents, teachers, support staff, or administrators.
  • Public Education Network Society is a non-profit, non-partisan organization promoting the importance of universal, free, accessible public education. Includes the Charter for Public Education.
  • Student Vote, a program for Canadian students under the voting age who may participate in a non-partisan, parallel election experience during an official election period.

Education partners

Employers (see also School districts, trustees and schools)

Facts and figures

Government and agencies


Lobbying and organizing on the web

  • The Canadian Labour Congress features pages on campaigns and political action.
  • The Council of Canadians provides opportunities for Canadians to lobby their MPs on current issues.
  • Right on Canada is the Rideau Institute's public advocacy campaign on human rights. The site features information and advocacy tools to support citizen action.

Post-secondary links

Research institutes

  • Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) is an independent, non-partisan research institute concerned with issues of social and economic justice.
  • Canadian Council on Social Development promotes social and economic security for all Canadians through its research on a broad variety of issues: income security, employment, labour market, poverty, child welfare, pensions and government social policies.
  • Centre for Social Justice is a Canadian coalition of activists from universities and unions, faith communities and social movements.

School districts, trustees and schools (see also Employers)

Teaching exchanges

Teacher organizations and professional associations

Last updated August 19, 2013