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Dear parents,

The BC Teachers’ Federation is committed to communicating with parents about our public education system. By sharing the stories of teaching and learning about the work we do every day, we hope to highlight important issues facing BC’s schools. We value the insights that parents provide about the learning needs of their children. Many teachers are parents themselves, and all teachers understand how important communication between school and home is to help the students we all care so much about.

Parent Groups Supporting Teachers

Families Funding Teachers - We're giving our $40 a day back to the teachers!

BC voters supporting BC teachers and public education - Facebook group

"A group of concerned BC citizens who feel that BC's public education system is underfunded."

MLA Playdate 

Bring your kids and concerns; bring books, games and sidewalk chalk. Talk to the MLA. Talk to their staff. Talk to other parents.

Parents for B.C. (Website; Facebook)

"We are parents that want our voices to be heard - to ensure a well-funded, quality education for ALL children of B.C., present & future."

Parents Join BC Picket Lines - Facebook group

"Parents across BC will join picket lines to show support for teachers and BC students."

Support for BC Teachers - Facebook group

"We Support BC Teachers! Our children and their teachers deserve a fair deal. The underfunding of public education in BC must stop.

WE Support BC Teachers - Facebook group

"Teachers' working conditions are our kids' learning conditions!! We support the teachers of BC in their fight for a fair deal!!"

Back to school leaflet for parents and public

Parents and supporters, help us make it happen

10 things each one of you can do.

Countering the statements in the Ministry of Education Factsheet on education funding

Each ministry statement is quoted, followed by a BCTF evidence-based response: “What the ministry doesn’t say” 

Challenging the ministry myth of unaffordability

a one-pager drawing on a recent CCPA article and the Province of British Columbia’s Public Accounts 2013/14 report to provide evidence that the economy is robust enough for the province to fund class composition and BCTF proposals for improvements in wages and working conditions. 

An Open Letter in Support of BC Teachers 

Parents leaflet 

Letter to parents and guardians

Updated June 5, 2014. Choose your desired language version below.


BC teachers struggle to defend public education 

For over a decade, the teachers of BC have been struggling to regain important protections for quality education that were illegally taken away by our provincial government. Read more...

A Fair Deal for Teachers, Better Support for Kids

This brochure highlights the facts behind teachers’ goals at the bargaining table.

Court Cases

2014 BC Supreme Court Ruling on Bills 28 and 22  

The BC Supreme Court ruling reaffirmed that provincial legislation limiting teachers’ bargaining rights is unconstitutional, restored collective agreement provisions stripped in 2002, and ordered the province to pay $2 million in damages plus court costs. More...

2011 BC Supreme Court Ruling   

In April 2011, the BC Supreme Court ruled in favour of the BCTF that provincial legislation from 2002–2004 limiting teachers’ bargaining rights was unconstitutional. The court gave the government 12 months to address the repercussions of this verdict. More...  

Government puts politics before students with appeal  

Christy Clark’s decision to appeal Justice Griffin’s latest ruling suggests she and her government think they are above the law. Read BCTF President Jim Iker’s full statement here.

Parent Presentations

Last year we gave presentations to about 2000 parents across the province. These workshops are short—approximately one-hour long. Presentations are available in English and  in French. Some are specifically intended for Aboriginal parents. To have one of our trained presenters visit your school, please fill out the Parent Presentation Request form. More...

Better Schools for BC: A Plan for Quality Public Education

Our 41,000 members are working with parents, administrators, trustees, and other partners to support public education across BC. Nearly 600,000 BC children and youth from richly diverse backgrounds are enrolled in our schools. More...

Finance Committee Recommendations

In September 2013, the BCTF presented its Brief on Education Funding to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services of the BC Legislature. The committee recognizes that significant additional funds are needed to support public education. More...

The numbers tell the story

This easy-to-read pamphlet presents reliable information from Statistics Canada and other sources to show the decline in BC government support for public education over the past decade. More...

Recent bargaining history

The BC Teachers’ Federation began negotiations in February 2013 on a new collective agreement with the BC Public School Employers’ Association (BCPSEA). Unlike some previous rounds, significant progress was being achieved last spring in a positive and respectful atmosphere. Despite this, newly appointed Education Minister Peter Fassbender dismissed BCPSEA’s bargaining team and appointed a sole government negotiator. More...