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Dear parents,

The BC Teachers’ Federation is committed to communicating with parents about our public education system. By sharing the stories of teaching and learning about the work we do every day, we hope to highlight important issues facing BC’s schools. We value the insights that parents provide about the learning needs of their children. Many teachers are parents themselves, and all teachers understand how important communication between school and home is to help the students we all care so much about.  

Why school boards matter thumbnailWhy school boards matter

Local school trustees are elected to serve and be responsible to their communities. When provincial governments fire entire school boards, replace them with appointees, and don’t even hold timely elections to allow local voters to have their say, our democratic traditions are undermined.

This short online resource details the top 10 reasons to maintain local, elected school boards in BC, the challenges that school boards face, and what can you do to help preserve school boards. 

BCTF Education Funding Brief 2016

On September 21 the BCTF submitted a brief with nine recommendations to the Legislative Assembly's Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. In recent years, this committee has recommended significant and stable increases to public education funding in BC. It's time for the provincial government to address the concerns of many parents, teachers, and students by following the committee’s recommendations. For more details see the BCTF news release, detailing the recommendations, and the full BCTF brief to the committee.

Education funding

Feed Their Minds. Fund Their Schools

This campaign highlights the need for BC to invest in public education. The brochure (available in 5 languages) explains the major funding challenges faced by BC’s students, teachers, and school districts. Solutions for these issues are offered, as well as suggestions for how everyone concerned about this issue can work together. 

Curriculum change

Major changes are currently happening to curriculum in British Columbia’s education system. The BCTF believes that many of these changes are positive, although there remain outstanding concerns. Read more...

The BCTF has recently created a presentation for parents called " So We Have a Revised Curriculum: What Does This Mean for My Child?" which can help answer questions such as "Will all learning be personalized?" and "Will this way of learning suit my child?" 
Please see the Parent Presentations section below for details on booking procedures.

Parent Presentations

Last year we gave presentations to about 2,000 parents across the province. These workshops are short—approximately one-hour long. Presentations are available in English and in French. Some are specifically intended for Aboriginal parents. To have one of our trained presenters visit your school, please fill out the Parent Presentation Request form.

Working together to make our schools healthy and safe

All BC students and school staff deserve to learn and work in healthy, safe environments. A new brochure highlights important ongoing health and safety issues in our schools including water and air quality, seismic upgrades, and winter conditions. It provides ideas for those concerned to work together to ensure the ongoing health and safety of our children.

What BC parents need to know about student data and privacy

  • Concerns and Questions about BC’s Student Information System and Student Privacy
    MyEducation BC is the new $100 million student information system of the Ministry of Education. Its introduction in this school year has seen huge problems, especially with its extremely slow operation. There are also a number of important questions about what information on students is being collected, and why. Read more...