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BCTF Bargaining Bulletin

Volume 8
June 21, 2006

The government has revised its salary offer from 8% to 10% over four years.

In the last 11 years, BC teachers have had:

  • five years with 0% on salary.
  • an average of only 1% salary increase per year.
  • our salaries fall further behind our colleagues across Canada.

During the same period that our salaries were falling behind, the government stripped hard-won learning conditions from our collective agreement. Conditions in our classrooms and schools have deteriorated.

On Monday, while acknowledging what teachers really deserve, we tabled a reduced salary figure and removed a number of items from the table. We were able to demonstrate how the revised offer would considerably reduce the cost of settlement to the government.

The employer response

The employer returned to the table on Tuesday with another offer that devalues teachers and the work we do. The elements of the employer's offer were:

  • a salary increase of 2%, 2.5%, 2.5%, 3% over four years.
  • a demand for a concession in prep time, moving from guaranteed weekly prep time to an average amount per week over the year.
  • removal of the requirement for three consecutive less-than-satisfactory reports before dismissing a teacher, undermining due process protections for members.
  • a committee to discuss recruitment and retention.
  • the ability to require teachers on call to perform any duties assigned by the principal.

What the BCTF is doing

The Federation continues to work hard to achieve a fair settlement. We have called a meeting of local presidents for tomorrow (Thursday) morning. Bargaining continues.

A critical time

This is a very critical time in bargaining. Many of the other settlements were achieved in the final hours before the government's own deadline. The most important thing to do at this time is to stick together, stay focussed, and insist that BC teachers be treated fairly and respectfully.

Contact the premier, your MLA, and school board trustees.

Go to to fax the premier.