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January 21, 2008

Teachers do not mark FSA tests


The BCTF is reminding teachers (including TOCs and retired teachers) NOT to volunteer to mark FSA tests.

For a number of years now, the BCTF has advised members not to participate in the writing of test items, field testing, or marking of the FSA. The fall Representative Assembly updated and reiterated this advice.

Standardized tests are overused and misused by groups like the Fraser Institute for school rankings, causing unnecessary anxiety for both teachers and parents. The BCTF and its locals are continuing to campaign for the elimination of FSA or at least making the test a randomized test.


  • Marking FSAs is not our work and this is supported by legal opinions.
  • Teachers are entitled to distribute the BCTF brochure. Contact your local president if any problems arise.
  • Parents have the right to request that their children be withdrawn from writing FSAs. There is nothing in the School Act, Regulations, Ministerial Orders, or ministry policy that require students to write FSA tests.
  • Teachers are not required to participate in the organization, co-ordination, or other aspects for planning of the E-FSA.
  • If you are pressed to volunteer, or have already attended a training session, please contact your local president for advice.

Teachers believe in fair, effective, and reliable assessment and know that students learn in different ways and at different rates.