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December 2, 2008

Why are we taking this vote?


We know the FSA is damaging to students’ learning and teaching. We have a professional responsibility to refuse to administer tests we know do harm to our students’ learning and to our teaching. If we don’t stand up to the testing agenda, the data publicized by the Fraser Institute will continue to erode public confidence in public schools and lead to further privatization. No teacher is immune to the testing agenda.

All of the confidence that we had worked so hard to build was shattered with that one test. It’s time that we took a strong stand to protect our children, and to protect our system. 
Catherine Alpha, Sooke

I’m outraged to have my students reduced to three black squares, or three black rectangles on a white background, and that my school and my students are judged and ranked based on that. 
Rick Cash, Quesnel

If we don’t stand up for the students and say “that’s enough,” we may end up exactly where the States are right now and I really hope that we don’t go there. 
Michelle Davies, Central Okanagan