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BCTF School Staff Alert


December 5, 2008

United we stand


BCTF members are working together to maintain a public school system that provides equal opportunities for all children regardless of background, needs, and abilities. The Foundation Skills Assessment represents a threat to those values of inclusiveness and the provision of a wide range of curriculum and learning possibilities that have been the pride of the public school system.

After many unsuccessful efforts to get the provincial government to abandon, or at least to modify, the use of these tests, we are determined to render our support to not only to the teachers of Grades 4 and 7 but to each other as we work to preserve our professionalism and integrity. 

Educational reform in Canada should not just be about narrowing numerical gaps in easily measurable outcomes, but about striving to benefit and enrich the learning of all students and all aspects of every student in an inspired and inclusive social and educational vision of what the country still stands for today and must aspire to become tomorrow.

Andy Hargreaves, The Long and Short of Educational Change,
Thomas More Brennan Chair in Education, Boston College

The recent BC Federation of Labour AGM was quick to recognize the importance of our efforts to oppose the FSA and passed the following motions:

  • The BC Federation of Labour will call upon the government of BC to ensure that the Fraser Institute does not have access to Foundation Skills Assessment data.
  • The BC Federation of Labour will support the BCTF in any actions they take to oppose the Foundation Skills Tests.

Over 1,100 delegates, representing over 500,000 working people, passed these motions at the BC Federation of Labour Annual General Meeting held last week in Vancouver.