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BCTF School Staff Alert


January 15, 2009

Executive Committee to meet with the minister


The BCTF is meeting with Shirley Bond, minister of education, to discuss the difficulties surrounding the Foundation Skills Assessment.

The Federation has raised the problems surrounding the FSA a number of times in an effort to persuade the provincial government to abandon, or at least modify the use of these tests.

Teachers know first-hand that the FSA is damaging to students’ learning and to teaching, and that the use of the results to rank schools is unconscionable. A province-wide vote of the membership of the BCTF has shown that thousands of teachers are determined to exercise their professional autonomy and refuse to administer the FSA, unless the minister adopts a random-sampling method.

The Federation is determined to make every effort to ensure the minister is fully aware of the professional concerns of teachers with regard to the FSA, and hopes that in the interests of students and education a solution to the present impasse can be found.

A School Staff Alert will be sent out as early as possible next week reporting on the meeting.