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February 20, 2009

How satisfied are you?


The BCTF Representative Assembly adopted a position that “teachers no longer participate in the government’s satisfaction survey.” (Members’ Guide to the BCTF 2008–09, p.53, 9.A.22)

The Ministry of Education surveys do not ask about the availability of resources, the appropriateness of class sizes, the problems of class composition, the loss of services, school closures, or the reduction of choices in our schools.

There have been no educational benefits from these surveys. However, the government uses the survey results as a public relations exercise to brag about how happy everyone is with their education policies.

You cannot be compelled to complete the satisfaction survey yourself, but you may be required to have your students fill in the survey. The teacher survey is designed to get the “right” answer from teachers. It avoids any questions dealing with substantive issues facing our schools, students, and teachers.

No one directly involved in teaching and learning could express “satisfaction” with larger classes, fewer services, and closed neighbourhood schools. The BCTF is continually trying to get the minister to pay attention to teachers’ dissatisfaction with conditions through the Learning Round Table, the Teachers’ Congress, and other meetings.

Please do not complete satisfaction surveys, and let the minister of education and your MLA know how you really feel. Go to