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April 6, 2009

WCB reporting


In order to report a workplace injury or occupational disease, the Workers Compensation Board prescribes and supplies the 6A form.

Some school districts have developed reporting forms locally or have contracted Disability Management Firms to manage their claims which provide their own reporting form. Some of these forms ask irrelevant and intrusive questions that may create problems for future claims.

The BCTF launched and won a grievance to determine whether employers could require teachers to complete forms other than the WorksafeBC 6A. The arbitrator ruled that the employer cannot require the worker to use any form other than the 6A when reporting injuries or occupational disease. An employer is not entitled to require detailed information beyond what is requested on the 6A.

BCTF advice is that members fill out only Workers’ Compensation Board form 6A when reporting injuries or occupational disease, and NOT an alternate employer form.

If your employer is asking you to fill out a form other than the form 6A, please ask your local president to contact Karen Langenmaier, BCTF Health and Safety Officer.