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April 16, 2009

Letter for parents: FSA results


This is the time of year when FSA results are being sent home to parents of Grades 4 and 7 students.  This presents a very good opportunity for teachers to put the results in context and re-emphasize teachers’ professional concerns about the FSA.

Whether or not the FSA results have been sent to parents at your school just yet, you’ll want to:

  • talk to parents about the problems with the overuse and misuse of standardized testing in general and the FSA in particular. 
  • remind parents about the misuse of the FSA results and the damaging impact of the Fraser Institute school rankings. 
  • discuss the authentic and meaningful forms of assessment that are regularly used by teachers to provide richer and more relevant information on their child’s  progress.

Please contact your local association office to request a letter that you give to parents to address the FSA results and provide important information for parents.