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June 22, 2011PDF file; Acrobat Reader required. PDF format 

Government tables massive strips in bargaining


Yesterday, the British Columbia Employers’ Association (BCPSEA) tabled language that blatantly attacks collective bargaining rights and eliminates key provisions in the collective agreement.

BCPSEA’s proposals, on behalf of government and school trustees, would:

  • eliminate seniority provisions for all employment decisions. Instead, all placements would be determined by the employer.
  • strip all post and fill, layoff, transfer, and assignment provisions in existing agreements.
  • allow force transfer at any time by the employer of any teacher for “educational, financial, or administrative reasons” with one month’s notice. Every teacher would be subject to potential forced transfer every year.
  • have TTOCs compete with external applicants for all positions.

In addition, they want to replace all evaluation, discipline and dismissal language, and protections from the collective agreement with a proposal called professional growth and engagement. They want:

  • yearly evaluations of every teacher, with no processes whatsoever.
  • the ability to fire a teacher based on a single evaluation.
  • the removal of all due process protections.

These proposals seek to blame teachers for the worsening conditions in schools resulting from lack of adequate funding. They show a total lack of respect for the extremely hard work teachers do everyday to hold the system together.

On top of its net zero mandate, BCPSEA has tabled nothing but concessions and massive contract strips.

The bargaining team needs a strong mandate from members to put pressure on government, school districts, and BCPSEA to negotiate a fair contract in a respectful manner.

Vote “Yes” in the strike vote and support your bargaining team.