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Grade K-3, 4-7, 8-9, 10-12
Subject Science, Earth Science
Resource type Lesson plan/Unit plan

About This Resource

Blue Planet Links (www.blueplanetlinks.ca) organizes over 300 links to water-related websites, books and articles, featuring a fresh look and the most up-to-date design. We are poised to be the go-to teaching resource for all things H20. See Teaching Resources to explore a countless array of unit lessons for different grades, or check out Non-Fiction and Activities for classroom games and projects. Older students could be encouraged to use the site for research as we feature sections with links devoted to such topics as aquaculture, climate change, groundwater, pollution; almost every water-related topic you can think of. Water is becoming a heavier topic to discuss in the classroom as it is over-used and abused. Students are learning of severe droughts, plastic-filled oceans, decreasing salmon runs… and are rightfully asking questions. Blue Planet Links puts the resources to thoughtfully engage with these critical issues at your fingertips, and theirs!
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