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As war ends, Colombian teachers build peace schools
As teachers around the globe celebrate World Teachers’ Day, BCTF President Jim Iker and a pan-Canadian delegation are showing solidarity in the world’s most dangerous place for teachers: Colombia.

Federal Election 2015
Find links to voter information, election participation campaigns, party platforms, the Student Vote program for classrooms, and other useful resources. The BCTF is more involved than before in this federal election because it’s time for a change in our country. See the campaign of the Canadian Labour Congress, and our Sept-Oct. Teacher magazine for more details. 

Ministry and BCTF announce time and funding for curriculum implementation
BCTF President Jim Iker, along with representatives of all the education partner groups, participated in a news conference in Victoria with Education Minister Mike Bernier to announce a collaborative plan for curriculum change implementation.

Statement from Jim Iker on the Ministry of Education data breach
I was given a short briefing by the Deputy Minister of Education on the missing unencrypted hard drive that contains more than three million student records. 

Education funding brief
Recommendations for more funding for public schools were presented by the BCTF to the Standing Committee of the Legislature on Finance: funding for curriculum change, more teaching staff, and restoring free education for adults. Reduced funding for private schools was also recommended. 

Humanitarian crisis—how to help
In light of the current refugee crisis, many teachers are wondering what they and their students can do to help. A number of different options are available.

Addressing youth mental health issues in BC’s K–12 public schools
This BCTF brief offers six constructive recommendations to address the issue of youth mental health in BC and proposes several actions to build supports and collaborations in the future, including increasing the number of school counsellors/specialist teachers and addressing the needs of marginalized youth.

Teaching for Reconciliation 
In addition to the Federation’s new Project of Heart: Illuminating the Hidden History of Residential Schools in BC resource featured in the slider above, the First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC) has released three excellent new grade 5, grade 10, and grade 11/12 residential school teaching resources. These can be downloaded for free, and support teaching of the new curriculum.

The Ministry of Education has also released an Aboriginal Worldviews and Perspectives in the Classroom discussion document. The Federation provided advice on FNESC’s teaching resources and the new Ministry discussion document.    

Adult Education in BC’s public schools: Lost opportunities for students, employers, and society—A BCTF study of working and learning conditions
A study of Adult Education in BC’s public schools in the context of policy changes and funding cuts.

MyEducation BC — critical issues in technology
MyEducation BC is the new student information system for BC schools. New technologies always raise issues—from implementation and support to privacy in the era of “Big data.” This PowerPoint frames some of these issues.

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