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Budget 2019 keeps education funding moving in the right direction, but more needs to be done for teacher recruitment and retention
The BC government’s plan to keep investing record amounts in K–12 capital projects like new schools and seismic upgrades is strong, but the budget for operational funding is likely to fall short, said Clint Johnston, Second Vice-President of the BC Teachers’ Federation. More...

BCTF submits funding recommendations to government committee 
To help solve the chronic underfunding problems facing our schools, many of which are holdovers from the previous BC Liberal government, the BCTF made 17 recommendations to the Legislative Assembly’s finance committee. The recommendations deal with adequate overall funding, support for all children with special needs, seismic upgrades, required resources to support the new curriculum, and the ongoing teacher shortage in BC. Read the news release to get all the details.  

BCTF policy statement on inclusive education for students with special needs
The BCTF is committed to the inclusion of all students in British Columbia’s public schools. The policy specifically states that “every student can learn, and every student is entitled to an appropriate education and full range of education services in their community.” More...

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