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Grade 10-12
Subject Social Studies, Labour History
Resource type Lesson plan/Unit plan
Duration 15-90 minutes

About This Resource

Lesson activities to accompany the vignette "Fishermen’s Strike of 1900" from the acclaimed Knowledge Network series; Working People: A History of Labour in British Columbia produced by Landrock Entertainment. The vignette explores the tensions between the Cannery owners and the newly formed B.C. Fishermen’s Union the late 19th-early 20th century. The supporting lesson materials focus on the role and challenges of Frank Rogers efforts to organize and protect the rights of fishermen in the face of cannery owners opposition. This is a unit created by the Labour History Project, a group of retired and current British Columbia teachers collaborating to develop a series of lesson plans, activities, and workshops focused on labour studies and labour history. See: https://www.labourheritagecentre.ca/educate/
Fishermen's Strike of 1900: Working People: A History of Labour in BC- Labour History Project Lesson Materials 7