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Grade K-3, 4-7
Subject Arts Education
Resource type Lesson plan/Unit plan

About This Resource

The Shoreline Cleanup Curriculum Guide encourages students to engage with nature in a way that immediately shows them how easy it is to make a positive change to our environment. We developed this K-7 curriculum guide to help you integrate the Shoreline Cleanup into your school year, using both indoor and outdoor lessons for your students. The multi-disciplinary Shoreline Cleanup lessons allow you to connect these lessons to your existing curriculum themes and units of study. You may use the unit as a whole or select individual lesson to compliment your planning. The cross-curricular activities in this guide will have your students making art projects, reading stories, running through obstacle courses, solving math problems, exploring biology and doing what they probably do best – having fun! We hope you are inspired to bring the Shoreline Cleanup into your students’ lives! Register your Schoolyard cleanup at ShorelineCleanup.ca.
Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

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