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Grade 4-7
Subject Social Studies
Resource type Lesson plan/Unit plan
Duration 60 minutes

About This Resource

Participants will engage with primary-source documents and reproduction items from the Royal British Columbia Museum, Elections BC and the BC Archives to address the following: 1) What is democracy and why do we vote? 2) What is direct democracy? What is representative democracy? 3) How have voting rights changed over time? 4) What considerations are important when identifying electoral boundaries? 5) Why do electoral boundaries change? Participants can choose to do one or all of the following activities: 1) Democracy and why we vote (primary-source activity with photographs and other images) 2) Direct democracy (mock referendum activity) 3) Franchise and disenfranchisement (primary-source activity with documents). 4) Representation and electoral boundaries (map reading and making activity)
Having a Voice: Voting Rights and Democracy in BC