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Grade K-3
Subject Social Studies, History
Resource type Activity
Duration 60 minutes

About This Resource

There are two parts to this activity. In the first part students will observe two photographs of classrooms, first one historical and then one present day. They will be guided through a class discussion where they will talk about what they notice , what they wonder, and look at similarities and differences between the two. The teacher will make a chart with their observations. The second part of the activity is to provide the students with pictures of historical school supplies and have them make inferences about what they are. They will then be shown books (provided by the teacher) of the school utensils being used so the students can draw conclusions, or they can use the provided pictures to have them draw their conclusions. An English language arts extension of this activity is provided in which the students would complete a word sort activity where they would cut out and match the word with the correct picture. The student would follow up with printing the word underneath.
Historical thinking: Classrooms of today and yesterday

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