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Grade 4-7, 8-9
Subject Cross-Curricular
Resource type Activity, Lesson plan/Unit plan
Duration 60 minutes

About This Resource

Now can you ask the most powerful questions, in order to unlock an even wider universe of knowledge? And why is the choosing of a simple word (like "How" or "Why") the key to your greatest quest and your greatest question? This activity walks students through creating questions, evaluating the quality of their questions and sets the scene for further research. We recommend that your child/student watch the linked video for the full educational experience. This activity is only one small part of Ocean School! Join for free today at www.oceanschool.ca. Ocean School is a free educational resource about the ocean, from Dalhousie University, Ingenium, and the National Film Board of Canada and is inquiry-based, FREE, entirely online, available in English and French, and for students in grades 5-9. Ocean School est disponible en français ici: https://ecoledelocean-xp.onf.ca
How to write great questions