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Grade 10-12
Subject English Language Arts
Resource type Worksheet

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This unit is designed as a series of parts loosely based on literary form; there are parts for drama, film, radio, and written text. Primarily, humour is found in the performance form, hence the focus on performance; humour found in the written form is more subtle. This unit can be taught in conjunction with the Trickster Unit; however, the units exist as separate entities. The trickster figure appears in many literary forms; sometimes he is funny, sometimes not. To link together the Humour and Trickster Units, there is a cumulative concept map assignment (see Unit 11: Trickster) to which students may add as each part is completed. The idea of a concept map can be very difficult for students to grasp however, so the idea is introduced in the Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth lessons on a smaller scale, and is revisited again on an even smaller scale as a plot outline in Humour in the Written Form.
Humour Unit – English First Peoples 12

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  • Nov 6, 2014