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Grade 8-9, 10-12
Subject Arts Education, Visual Arts
Resource type Activity, Lesson plan/Unit plan
Duration 60 minutes

About This Resource

This lesson introduces students to the Renaissance by focusing on art history and important innovations in the art world. Students learn to define a variety of art terms associated with the Renaissance and the Middle Ages and engage with the concept of visual symbolism. Students work towards writing a structured, descriptive paragraph outlining their own imagined symbolic Renaissance Portrait. By using writing planners and scaffolds, students write how they use symbolism to represent 5 of their personality traits in their Renaissance-inspired portrait. This lesson was originally designed for use in a Humanities 8 class (with scaffolding for ELL students). This lesson could be adapted for use in a variety of Art, Social Studies, English, and ELL contexts.
Intro to the Renaissance Through Art (ELL)

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  • Mr.Zed
  • Nov 29, 2017