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Grade 4-7
Subject Physical & Health Education
Resource type Activity, Lesson plan/Unit plan
Duration 60 minutes

About This Resource

Learning for Life is an education initiative that aims to develop the various aspects of digital health literacy and promote healthy lifestyle behaviours among upper elementary students and families in BC. Learning for Life provides students with the competencies to use technology to support their health, to critically assess information provided through technology, and to balance the helpfulness of technology with the promotion of healthy lifestyle behaviours (using Canadian guidelines). The initiative was created by a group of researchers in UBC Faculty of Medicine's Digital Emergency Medicine Office who explore and advance the use of information and communication technologies to connect people to quality health information. Learning for Life resources have been collaboratively developed with a multi-sectoral, inter-professional panel of education, clinical and public health experts. Learning for Life offers a suite of resources for grade 4-7 teachers. These resources include two accessible and easy-to-use teacher toolkits with lesson plans connected to the K-9 core competencies. Activities for students include in-class and take-home activities, along with exciting online choose-your-own-adventure graphic novels!
Learning for Life