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Grade 8-9
Subject Mathematics
Resource type Activity, Lesson plan/Unit plan

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There are many different applications of math that relate both directly and indirectly to salmon, thus enriching the curriculum and appealing to the many different learning styles and backgrounds found in most BC classrooms. Math 9 PLOs: D1 describe the effect of bias, use of language, ethics, cost, time and timing, and privacy, cultural sensitivity on the collection of data; D2 select and defend the choice of using either a population or a sample of a population to answer a question; D3 develop and implement a project plan for the collection, display, and analysis of data by formulating a question for investigation, choosing a data collection method that includes social considerations, selecting a population or a sample, collecting the data, displaying the collected data in an appropriate manner, drawing conclusions to answer the question; D4 demonstrate an understanding of the role of probability in society.
Math First Peoples – Statistics and Salmon

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  • Nov 5, 2014