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Grade K-3, 4-7, 8-9, 10-12
Subject Cross-Curricular
Resource type Activity, Lesson plan/Unit plan, Multimedia

About This Resource

My River My Home is an activity kit for educators about the sustainability of the Fraser River. The Fraser River Discovery Centre (FRDC) is a hands-on interpretive centre in New Westminster, British Columbia that celebrates the living, working Fraser River. In 2012-2013, the FRDC partnered with the Global Rivers Observatory (GRO) and University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) to create an exhibit and this activity kit about research being conducted by the Global Rivers Observatory on the Fraser, Amazon, Ganges-Brahmaputra, Congo, Lena and Kolyma Rivers. This kit provides the information you need to facilitate an inquiry unit about the Fraser River and offers a wide selection of activities and topics to explore the sustainability of the Fraser River. The activities address BC’s new cross-curricular core competencies (critical, creative and reflective thinking, personal and social awareness and responsibility, and communication). All of the activities can be used as pre- and post-visit activities when you book a workshop at the Fraser River Discovery Centre or can be used independently to teach about the Fraser River into your classroom.

FRDC@HOME (see related links) is a blog that connects exploring the Fraser River to a wide audience of people who love to learn in different ways. Join us as we share fun crafts, activities, and fascinating Fraser facts!

My River My Home