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Grade 10-12
Subject Social Studies, History
Resource type Lesson plan/Unit plan
Duration 75 minutes

About This Resource

Students should have some general knowledge about World War I, and in particular the causes of WWI. It would also be beneficial if the students had some cursory knowledge of the concept of nationalism. The students start by watching speeches by Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to detect nationalism in their speeches. Then the students read a primer on nationalism to further inform their thinking. Lastly, the students will read three nationalistic speeches by Georges Clemenceau, Lloyd George, and Kaiser Wilhelm. As the students are reading they should fill out the Nationalistic Speeches Handout. Once they are done, they will pick the speech they find most convincing and justify their choice. This lesson can be split up and delivered online or hard copy. I provide a single-point rubric, but you may wish to change it to your own liking. Feel free to modify.
Nationalism as a Cause of WWI


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