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Grade 10-12, Adult
Subject English Language Arts, English Language Arts
Resource type Lesson plan/Unit plan
Duration Over 60 minutes

About This Resource

    I designed the following lesson plans for English First Peoples 11/12 in response to Dr Patricia Makokis’s lecture: Understanding and Coming to Terms with Historic Trauma – It’s a Lifelong Journey! In her UBC MET Anti-Racism talk, Dr. Makokis expressed that racism is a social construct and we need to learn about our privilege to make space for those who are “othered” and the best way to do this is through community, connection, and understanding. First Peoples ways of knowing support the importance of connection and community as we deconstruct and think about the intergenerational impact of colonization and how we can move toward healing. Makokis shared the symbolism of the colours red, yellow, black, and white to emphasize that we are all family, that all people are related. This notion connects with Mi’kmaw Elder Albert Marshall’s teachings about etuaptmumk, two-eyed seeing, and how we need to work together to form a shared understanding because, if we don’t, we are only seeing and understanding part of the whole.

Peoplehood, Two-Eyed Seeing & Reconciliation

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