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Grade Adult
Subject Cross-Curricular, Cross-Curricular
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About This Resource

The professional development lens is a tool for teachers to reflect on their professional practice, that it is relevant and responsible to the profession as well as autonomously selected by teachers.

Professional development is a process of ongoing growth through programs, services, and activities designed to enable teachers, both individually and collectively, to enhance their professional practice. 

The purpose of professional development is to assist members in:

  1. building and strengthening themselves as a professional body.
  2. establishing and maintaining a professional relationship with students/parents.
  3. initiating curriculum and instructional reform directed to improve teaching and learning.
  4. developing, discussing, revising, and applying educational theories.
  5. improving the quality of professional practice through career-long professional development.
  6.  engaging in professional and collegial conversations.
Professional Development Lens

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  • BCTF
  • Sep 19, 2023