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Grade 10-12
Subject Social Studies, Geography
Resource type Activity
Duration 60 minutes

About This Resource

A lesson plan on propaganda maps geared towards 20th Century World History 12 (adaptable to Political Studies 12 or Social Studies 11). In the modern era, students are constantly surrounded by digital and non-digital forms of persuasion. This is not new: propaganda and persuasion have long been used to influence the perspectives of citizens. Maps are spatially malleable and subject to intentional distortion, for military, geopolitical, economic and/or other aims. These persuasion techniques emerge in modern media. Students are first exposed to a variety of persuasive maps, where they learn to identify and critically analyze the aims and audiences of these maps. Then students are divided into groups that act as public relations companies who have been contracted to make a map that persuades U.K. audiences to vote to either leave or remain in the E.U. This activity increases understanding of how persuasive tools are used and how citizens must be critical consumers of information.
Propaganda and Persuasive Cartography

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