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Grade 10-12, Adult
Subject Applied Design, Skills & Technology, Home Economics & Culinary Arts
Resource type Lesson plan/Unit plan
Duration 30 minutes

About This Resource

A free online course created by TRAC Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre and the Justice Education Society. Designed for first-time renters, the course covers both practical and legal topics to consider before deciding to rent. Students can complete activities such as creating a budget, thinking about their housing needs, preparing a list of references, writing a cover letter and pet resume, and ordering a credit report. The course is video-based, and sections can be viewed in any order. Students who complete the course and pass the final exam earn a certificate that can be presented to landlords when they apply for tenancy. By completing the course, students will be better equipped to find rental housing and succeed in their tenancies. Core skills, such as financial literacy, smart decision making, effective communication, and problem solving are a key focus of the material.
Renting it Right - Preparing Students to Rent After Graduation