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Grade 4-7, 8-9
Subject English Language Arts
Resource type Activity, Assessment
Duration 30 minutes

About This Resource

Food chain challenge! Students are asked to imagine what food they would eat if had to eat the same thing everyday. They are then challenged to create a food chain from source to table for that food and compare the food chain with that of a right whale. *This activity is easily adaptable to multiple grade levels.* Each activity is linked to a piece of media. You can watch the video by signing up for Ocean School here: https://oceanschool-xp.nfb.ca/ or by visiting this direct link: https://oceanschool-xp.nfb.ca/learning-object/grocery-shopping-for-whales?dev=true. Support resources for Ocean School are available here: https://help.oceanschool.nfb.ca/educational-resources/module-guides/evolving-ecosystems-module-guide. This is a free educational resource from the Canadian Government about the ocean, through Dalhousie University, Ingenium - Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation, and the National Film Board of Canada.
Right whale food chain challenge, free, online learning