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Grade 4-7
Subject Science, Earth Science
Resource type Activity, Lesson plan/Unit plan
Duration 60 minutes

About This Resource

A grade 5 level, 7-8 lesson Earth Science unit package focused on the rock cycle and how materials from the earth are used as resources to build homes, roads and other things in our communities. Includes a section on the importance of reclaiming land after mines are closed, and exercises for students to do inside (some requiring parent or teacher supervision) and outside the classroom (suitable for online education). This package was produced by the BC Stone Sand & Gravel Association (a registered non-profit) with thanks to a generous donation from Summit Materials that allowed us to build the package with assistance from the Ontario Stone Sand & Gravel Association. Many thanks also to the volunteer members who spent many hours reviewing and revising the materials to ensure they are ideally suited for use here in BC.
Rocks 'R' Resources

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  • Dan
  • Oct 23, 2020