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Grade 4-7
Subject Mathematics
Resource type Activity
Duration 60 minutes

About This Resource

The lesson will begin with a class discussion on reflections and symmetry and then look at the Canadian flag as a representation of symmetry and investigate the image. Students will learn through a series of questioning and visual representations. Next the students will be engaged when looking at several images of symmetrical and non-symmetrical images. Students will have to decide if the images are symmetrical by using a mirror to see reflections. Students will work together and justify their answers within their groups before coming back to a large group to discuss it further. Students will have an opportunity to create their own symmetrical shape with one or more lines of symmetry using geo-board dot paper provided by the teacher. Lastly, students will have the chance to do a gallery walk to see each other’s creation. There are many modifications, adaptions, follow up activities and integrations provided to be sure for a successful lesson depending on students' needs.
Symmetry Lesson Plan

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