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*indicates item included in resource files

Timeline of Colonialism in Canada (page 7)

We are the land (2 m video)

We are Nlaka’pamux (3:50 m video)

Life for Gladys in Spuzzum (page 17)

Life in Spuzzum photos - Powerpoint slideshow (GladysPhotos.pps*)

Cedar Basket Weaving with Brenda Crabtree: Urban Access Project, Aboriginal Gathering Place

Weaving a story – Minnie (Gladys’ sister) describes the process of weaving a story (short video)

Nlaka’pamux Blanket Exercise (page 53)

Blanket Exercise and Scrolls (BlanketExercise.pdf*, BlanketExerciseScrolls.pdf*)

Gladys and Residential School (page 87)

Shi-shi-etko (6 m video)

Life at Residential School (page 107)

Project of Heart Book - Illuminating the hidden history of Indian Residential Schools in BC
Project of Heart eBook 

“I Lost My Talk” – by Rita Joe (ILostMyTalk.pdf*)

Rita Joe Song Project – Uqausira Asiujijara (I lost my talk)  - 5 m video

The Eyes of Children – 30 m video

Exploring Traditional Approaches to Education Teacher (page 121)

Gwen Point Tells the Story of Th’owxeya, the Cannibal Woman (15 m video)

The National Crime of Indian Residential Schools (page 127)

Finding Heart (14 m video)

First Nations Caring Society

Project of Heart BC

What is a Heart Garden? (page 130)

Honouring Memories, Planting Dreams, First Nations Caring Society

Heart Garden Samples (2015HeartGardenBooklet.pdf*)

Resistance, Resilience and Reconciliation: The Rest of the Story (page 144) 

First Nations Caring Society:

Gladys we never knew, BCTF Teacher magazine article

Saanich students shine, BCTF Teacher magazine article 

Honouring Ceremony

N’we Jinan Artists – “Important to Us” (4:28 m video)

We are from (2:45 m video)

Back to the Original Question (page 148)

History of Residential Schools in Canada (IndigenousHistoryTimeline.pdf*)




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