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Emotional Health for Educators reviewed by Shelley Balfour (she/her), Local President, Cranbrook

I took the opportunity to read the timely book Emotional Health for Educators by P. Joan Southworth on a flight from Cranbrook to Vancouver. It is a quick read and full of nuggets to ponder as we travel through the world of teaching during a two-year pandemic. The book was written just before the pandemic, but what Dr. Southworth shares is useful for any year of teaching, including the current situation.

Dr. Southworth has a great understanding of the classroom struggles of today and spends time acknowledging how the job has evolved. The book begins with the understanding that “the job of teaching is never done.” Truer words have never been spoken. (I once took a dishwashing job on the weekends to get a sense of job satisfaction for a job completed.) 

Dr. Southland touches on topics near and dear to a teacher’s heart, including conversations on data collection, the Fraser Institute, teacher mental health, student mental health, and advising us to “walk tall or don’t walk at all.” The use of the Serenity Prayer was very effective to remind the reader of the things we can change, those we can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference. The examples given encourage us to use the wisdom we gain to put our energies into the things that are possible and will make the most difference in our daily lives. A summary of the ideas she shares is available on page 44 if you don’t have time to read the full book.


Emotional Health for Educators is available at upstageinnovations.com.

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