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What Students Deserve

Education Funding

BC parents and teachers believe that public education funding should effectively address the needs of all students. The fact sheets and the brochure below show how improvements and protections are necessary to best serve British Columbia’s students and teachers. Since public education funding is being reviewed and teacher bargaining is under way, please share this information with your MLAs and ask them to talk about these facts in caucus. MLA contact information can be found here.

Special education funding: Our government must change course

Education funding fact sheets

Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA)

The provincial government has been administering the Foundation Skills Assessment tests to all students in Grades 4 and 7 since 2000. This test does not help students learn or teachers teach. It takes valuable time and much needed resources away from the classroom learning and undermines the ability to provide meaningful learning experiences for all students.

The FSA results are misused by a private organization to rank schools based on a very narrow measure. The FSA tests do not result in any additional funding or support for students.

FSA withdrawal letter PDF file; Acrobat Reader required. 

Parents Should Know: FSA tests are not useful PDF file; Acrobat Reader required. 

Free BCTF Presentations for Parents

The BCTF has developed free sessions for parents that provide opportunities to learn strategies, gain knowledge and explore concerns.

Working together to make our schools healthy and safe

All BC students and school staff deserve to learn and work in healthy, safe environments. This 2018 brochure highlights important ongoing health and safety issues in our schools including water and air quality, seismic upgrades, and winter conditions. It provides ideas for those concerned to work together to ensure the ongoing health and safety of our children.
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