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Dear parents,

The BC Teachers’ Federation is committed to communicating with parents and sharing a dialogue about important issues facing our public education system and the needs of students that we serve.

Free BCTF Presentations for Parents

The BCTF has developed free sessions for parents that provide opportunities to learn strategies, gain knowledge and explore concerns.

Foundation Skills Assessment/standardized testing

Please go to bctf.ca/fsa.aspx for the withdrawal letter and for more information.

BCTF Education Funding Brief (Oct 2018)

As in past years, the BCTF submitted a brief with recommendations to the Legislative Assembly's Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services.

Working together to make our schools healthy and safe

All BC students and school staff deserve to learn and work in healthy, safe environments. This 2018 brochure highlights important ongoing health and safety issues in our schools including water and air quality, seismic upgrades, and winter conditions. It provides ideas for those concerned to work together to ensure the ongoing health and safety of our children.
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