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BCTF Advantage
Teacher Magazine Volume 30, Number 3
January/February 2018

SOGI resources support all teachers, promote inclusion

By Steve Mulligan, Vancouver teacher and UBC co-ordinator for Education for All

Ten years ago, when professional development on homophobia and heterosexism involved after school workshops, it quickly became apparent that we were “singing to the choir.” We needed to reach more teachers with the basics of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) education. SOGI 123 was created by ARC Foundation, in partnership with the BCTF and the Ministry of Education, to share proven SOGI-inclusive tools and resources in three key areas: policies and procedures, creating inclusive environments, and developmentally appropriate curriculum resources for educators to use at all grade levels.

Here's what you'll find online at
1.      The SOGI 123 Professional Development page features a series of new tools designed to ignite curiosity and start conversations.
2.      Learning Burst videos are short 5-minute videos to introduce SOGI education in a captivating and convincing way. Each video features educators, students, parents, and/or community members exploring a specific aspect of SOGI-inclusive education.
3.      For deeper learning, 40-minute Learning Modules are designed to take educators through what they need to know to ensure a truly inclusive and welcoming environment. Each module includes three downloadable resources: a video, an editable PowerPoint presentation, and a Facilitator's Guide, complete with speaker's notes, discussion questions, activities, and worksheets. The Learning Modules are ideal for lunch-n-learns over several weeks or as a series during a half-day professional development. 

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