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Booking Professional and Social Issues Workshops

The BCTF has a proud history of supporting members and locals with workshops and training. Workshops are led by classroom teachers (facilitators) with special expertise and training.

Workshops are available for school staffs, districts, locals, parent groups, and conferences/PD days.

Special requests: Sometimes schools, locals, or regions need a workshop or study session that is not covered by our current list of workshops. BCTF facilitators are often able to adapt and extend services to meet these needs.

Further, locals and/or schools that are geographically adjacent may wish to co-sponsor BCTF workshops together. Henry Lee, the workshop co-ordinator, will work with locals and schools in the organization and logistics of co-sponsored workshops. Sessions meeting BCTF workshop criteria and budget guidelines will be fully funded by the BCTF. Cost-sharing with school districts and agencies is also negotiable.

If you have an idea, special circumstance, or request, please contact psidworkshopbooking@bctf.ca to book Professional and Social Issues (PSI) workshops.

Examples of special request workshops

  • classroom demonstrations 
  • onsite school district and local training to build local capacity 
  • presentations to parent advisory councils 
  • introduction to regional teacher inquiry or action research groups, examining teaching practice, and curriculum questions 
  • social justice associates, linking with community coalitions to sponsor regional/local social issues events.

Booking criteria for workshops

  • booked through the Professional and Social Issues Division 
  • facilitated by BCTF facilitators who are classroom teachers 
  • require at least one month’s advance notice 
  • minimum number of participants is 15 and maximum is 30 per workshop (special circumstances and small schools exempted) 
  • for intact teacher groups, school staffs, etc.

Preference is given to workshops that are three to five hours in length. Some workshops cannot be presented in less than five hours.

Workshops require no honorarium as the BCTF covers the costs for the facilitator. The organizing local or school is responsible for facilities and supplies.  

Criteria for PD days or conferences

  • no more than five BCTF-led workshops may be presented on a PD day 
  • preregistration is preferred, with cancellation two weeks in advance if the workshop is undersubscribed 
  • minimum length of the workshops is two to three hours each 
  • a few workshops are five hours in length.

Booking a workshop

All PSI workshops must be booked through the BCTF Professional and Social Issues Division (PSID) and must be made at least one month prior to the date of training.

Please provide at least one month's notice so that PSI facilitators, who are teachers or local officers with busy schedules, have adequate time to prepare materials and arrange travel. Submitting requests more than three months in advance of the preferred training date is not advised.

Workshop Request Online Submission

To book a workshop, click the “Book this presentation” link below the selected workshop description. Select “Professional and Social Issues” from the program type list and click “Go.” Fill in the form and submit. Upon submission, your workshop request will be sent to the BCTF. You will receive an email confirmation of its receipt and a copy of the form that you submitted.

A detailed, confirmation email will be sent to you when a facilitator has been arranged.

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