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Committee Workspaces

What are these new workspaces?

While at first glance they look a bit like the “roles” tab of the old website, they are quite different.

What they are:

  • Workspaces are a way for BCTF staff to share files with members related to certain work. For example, this is the place for facilitators to access their workshop materials or political action contacts to access templates.

What they are not:

  • They aren’t a list of your roles. You’ll only see a file workspace when BCTF staff have requested to share files related to your work. 
  • They aren’t used to communicate information that may be of interest to someone in your role. Your source of information about what is happening is always the website.
  • They aren't for guidance or services. Guidance on subjects like benefits is found under Services and Guidance. 
  • They aren’t for event documents. When documents are available for an AGM, a conference or a Representative Assembly, you will always find these event documents on the event page.
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