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The BCTF has put together a list of resources to help teachers have conversations with students about the invasion in Ukraine. The list also includes resources for navigating conversations about war.

Education Week
How to Talk with Students About the Russia/Ukraine War: 5 Tips
Level: all grades
American source—useful framing document to help orient lessons about the war.

8 Resources Teachers Are Using to Discuss Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
Level: intermediate/secondary
American source—contains detailed lesson ideas, ranging from historical context to media literacy and analysis.

New York Times Lesson of the Day

The Invasion of Ukraine: How Russia Attacked and What happens Next
Level: intermediate/secondary
Contains linked resources from locating Ukraine on a map of Europe to how the crisis originated and evolved.

Rethinking Schools
Teaching About Ukraine
Level: intermediate/secondary
Applying old lesson ideas to current events. Using fiction to think about war (e.g., The Catman of Aleppo).

Pacific Slope Consortium
2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Level: secondary
Resource page compiled by Prince George Secondary School Teachers.

American Psychological Association
Resilience in a time of war: Tips for parents and teachers of elementary school children
Level: K–12
Recommendations dealing with war-related issues in on age-appropriate way.

One Time Through
Most Powerful Books About War for Kids
Level: elementary
List of books with concise descriptions of content on the topic of war and peace. Discussion questions for each title included.

How to talk to children about war: An age-by-age guide
Level: elementary/secondary
A print overview of what are age-appropriate discussions when wars arises.

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