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Le Estcwicwéy: Honouring the children buried at Kamloops Residential School

Survivors of residential schools across Canada have long told of hidden graves on the grounds of those cruel institutions. Nevertheless, in May 2021, when ground-penetrating radar revealed the remains of 215 children buried at the Kamloops Residential School, Canadians were shocked and horrified. Faced with this hard scientific evidence, people could no longer ignore or deny the horrors of attempted genocide. This new resource aims to help teachers and students educate others on the truth of our shared history, bear witness to the realities, and take action for positive change. It contains lesson modules, a timeline of colonialism in Canada, original historical documents, links to videos, and more.

Beyond September 30: Doing the Work

Too often Indigenous teachers are expected to do all the intellectual and emotional work of educating students, colleagues, and parents about colonialism and its many devastating impacts. This new resource focuses on the roles and responsibilities of non-Indigenous teachers to help support the work of reconciliation and decolonization in our classrooms and communities. It addresses three themes: What is one thing I can do to help carry the weight of the work? What is one small action I can take to advance truth and reconciliation? What is my commitment to my Indigenous colleagues?

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