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Salary Indemnity Plan Long Term Disability

Am I eligible to receive SIP long-term disability (LTD) benefits?
BCTF members employed on a regular full-time or part-time contract, who become disabled through injury or illness, shall be eligible for benefits immediately following the termination of sick leave and SIP short-term benefits, when no fewer than 120 days of benefits have been paid for that claim.

BCTF employees participating in the Plan pursuant to Regulation 1.1(b), and who become disabled through injury or illness, shall be eligible for benefits, or as set out in a collective agreement with the Federation, immediately following the termination of sick leave benefits.

You have my claim; how long do I wait for a decision? What is the LTD claim process?
If they have the necessary information, Canada Life often turns around a decision within a few weeks. However, it is not unusual for Canada Life to require further medical information, or a clarification on the medical information submitted, as part of the application. If this is the case, members are notified by Canada Life. It is likely Canada Life will telephone a member for an interview prior to the decision. Once a decision has been reached, the member is contacted by telephone with a follow-up letter.  

How much do I receive in LTD benefits?
Long Term Disability benefits are 65% of the salary of the first $40,000, 50% of the next $40,000, and 40% of the remainder of your gross salary, as reported to us by your employer. The benefit is non-taxable. In addition, the member does not pay, but receives credit for having paid, their pension, as well as local and BCTF fees.  

Do I have to attend assessments arranged by CL?
Yes, plan members must attend medical or vocational assessments requested or approved by CL or the SIP Administrator. These assessments assist CL to determine how to manage your claim, return-to-work process, ability to perform gainful employment, etc.