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Life Insurance

This page is a summary prepared by the BCTF to assist members understand the coverage of the group life insurance plans. It is general information for educational purposes. The BC Teachers' Federation does not administer the group life insurance plan. It is not financial advice nor a substitute of advice regarding your particular situation.

More information is in the administrative guide.


Which plan is for my school district?

  • School districts participating in Plan A

  • School districts participating in Plan B

  • School districts participating in unique plans

What you should know

  • You must enroll to participate

  • You must designate a beneficiary to participate

  • The BCTF does not administer the plan

Common Questions

  • Am I eligible?

  • When do I become eligible?

  • When does my coverage start?

  • Can I change my beneficiary?

  • What is the coverage?

  • What are my "annual earnings" and what happens if they change?

  • What happens if I change school districts?

  • What happens if I take a leave of absence?

  • What happens if I become 'totally disabled'?

  • What happens if I terminate my employment?

  • What happens when I retire?

  • What happens if I continue employment beyond my normal retirement date?

  • Are there any exclusions?

  • What do I pay?

  • How can I apply for optional voluntary life insurance?

  • Can I convert my group life insurance to individual life insurance?

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