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Letter of Understanding - Employment Equity for Aboriginal Teachers



British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF)


British Columbia Public School Employers’ Association (BCPSEA)


The parties recognize that Aboriginal teachers are under‐represented in the public education system. The parties are committed to redress the under‐representation of Aboriginal teachers and therefore further agree that:

  • They will encourage local school boards and teacher unions to make application to the Human Rights Tribunal under section 42 of the Human Rights Code to obtain approval for a “special program” that would serve to attract and retain Aboriginal teachers.
  • The parties will assist local school boards and teacher unions as requested in the application for and implementation of a “special program” consistent with this Letter of Commitment.

BCTF supports an Aboriginal Employment Equity program. In the Member’s Guide to the BCTF it states:

b) That the BCTF actively support an employment equity program for the public schools with the aim of achieving a teaching force that is reflective of the ethnic diversity of BC public schools.

Special programs

The Letter of Understanding applies to Employment Equity for Aboriginal Teachers.

District Percent Aboriginal Students Proportionate Number of Aboriginal Teachers Actual Numbers
Vancouver 3.5% 121 41
Prince George 17.3% 160 11
Kamloops/Thompson 13.4% 114 16
Cowichan Valley 14.0% 76 10
Coast Mountains 31.7% 113 17
Prince Rupert 52.2% 89 19
Haida Gwaii 60.9% 35 5
Nisga’a 93.8% 38 17
Stikine 59.1% 13 2
Alberni 24.7% 64 5

Data sources: Ministry of Education, 2003/04 to 2007/08. Full‐year summary report for Student Statistics and Teacher Statistics, January 2008.

Figures are based on 2007–08 District‐level data.

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