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Grievance Handling and Arbitration

On this page, Local Officers who are logged into the website can access information such as

  • Work to be done in advance of a board hearing or arbitration
  • Meeting with the superintendent
  • Interviewing Witnesses
  • Conducting Interviews During Grievance Investigations
  • Step 3 Grievance Letter Templates
  • Step 3 General Application
  • Step 2 Grievance Letter
  • Who has Carriage during Each Stage of the Grievance Process
  • Arbitration Award Database
  • Reasons to Negotiate a Settlement to a Grievance Rather than Going to Arbitration
  • Handling Harassment Issues
  • Preparing for Arbitration Checklist
  • Overview of Grievances and Grievance Process
  • The ‘Hoogendoorn’ Principle and Grievances that Directly Affect other Teachers
  • Gathering Facts and The Six "W"s of Grievance Investigations
  • Grievance Process Flowchart
  • Grievance Handling Checklist
  • Dealing with Harassment under the Grievance Procedure
  • A Guide for Dealing with Teacher Evaluations
  • Helping members deal with conflict at the local level
  • Guidelines to Help Support Members in the Process of Gender Transition
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