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Health and Wellness Program

The BCTF Health and Wellness Program supports and empowers members recovering from illness or injury to regain an optimum state of wellness, health, and productivity by providing rehabilitation services and promoting self-care. It is funded by the membership of the BCTF.

The Health and Wellness Program puts teachers in contact with professional rehabilitation consultants located in communities throughout the province. In consultation with your health care provider, these consultants will coordinate services that help to improve the teacher’s health and functional abilities.

Apply as a Teacher: You can apply by calling 1-800-663-9163
Refer someone else: You can refer someone else using the referral form

What you should know

  • You do not have to be off work or on disability benefits to participate

  • You can refer yourself or have someone refer you

  • There is no cost for you to participate

  • You will receive support from a rehabilitation consultant

  • You can apply for financial assistance to pay for treatment

Steps to apply for the Financial Assistance

If you are participating in the Health and Wellness program, you can apply for financial assistance.

Common questions

  • How are members referred to the Health and Welfare program?

  • If someone has referred me to the program, am I required to participate?

  • Will not participating in the Health and Wellness program jeopardize my benefits?

  • After I indicate that I would like to participate in the Health and Wellness Program, what happens next?

  • Where do the rehabilitation activities take place?

  • Who decides which services will be offered and how long I can access the program?

Referral form:

You can refer someone else to the Health and Welfare program by completing this referral form. To apply for yourself please call 1-800-663-9163 and ask to speak to the Health and Welfare program.

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Referral source

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