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This project included 11 teachers from Janice Churchill Elementary. The group began with a common question but quickly realized they were all looking at different ways to improve their practice and their student’s understanding and quickly all developed their own questions.

Questions posed (over time):

  • How effective are the strategies we are implementing in helping our students self regulate?
  • How effective are silent times and “zone check in” at creating a more peaceful classroom?
  • How can becoming a more active member of learning communities change perceptions of Learning Support, and thus increase success for all learners?
  • What would happen if I integrated the Mind Up curriculum, Zones of regulation into my practice?
  • Would students feel more engaged in their learning?
  • What effect will self regulation techniques taken from Mind up and Brain Dance have on the music classroom environment?
  • How can I use the strategies recommended in these programs to help guide students in self regulation in the music room?
  • How can I support my passion to provide diverse resources in the library?
  • How can I best teach and support students in developing effective self regulation practices?
  • This evolved into does using techniques such as core practice breathing, Yoga, and DPA brain breaks help students to focus in the classroom?
  • Do Social Emotional Learning Strategies (SEL) such as Morning Meeting, deep breathing and brain breaks (using Go Noodle) improve my student’s focus in class?
  • Will implementing Math workshop help students learn better?
  • Will they focus and attend to task more during small group instruction?
  • Will changing the way I teach Math improve student engagement?

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Processes used:

  • Ice Breakers
  • BCTF Background Inquiry Framework Slideshow
  • Norms Setting
  • Passions Exercise
  • Session Feedback Forms (Charlie Naylor’s format)
  • Share outs
  • Critical Friends
  • Inner / Outer circle
  • Quiet Write
  • Building Community
  • Meme exercise
  • Processing text
  • Most importantly!!! - deeper relationships among the group members who worried, supported, learned and inquired together.

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