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BCTF Accommodation Guide


The Office of the Treasurer and CFO has prepared this accommodation guide to provide BC Teachers’ Federation staff and members with guidelines for selecting, booking, and paying for hotel accommodation while on BCTF business. In choosing which hotels to put in this guide, we have attempted to select hotels that are unionized and appear to offer good quality accommodation at a reasonable price. We have negotiated set rates for 2023 with these hotels and have noted which ones are unionized.

If you have any feedback on any of the properties listed in this guide, please feel free to contact Prudence Ikoma, Office of the Treasurer and CFO, pikoma@bctf.ca.

W.E. Travel contact information

BCTF deals exclusively with W.E. Travel, located in North Vancouver. You are encouraged to use W.E. Travel to book your accommodation.

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday—8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Telephone: 604-969-5585 or 1-800-663-4703

You may also email your requests to any of the agents, and they will respond to your email within 24 hours (excluding weekends):

Maureen Gorospe, maureen@weuniontravel.ca
Carolyn Corda, carolyn@weuniontravel.ca
Oralee Hawlee, oralee@weuniontravel.ca

If you choose to make your own hotel reservation for business purposes, please state that you are with the BCTF to get the BCTF rate. Some hotels are available for leisure travel. Please see notes under your choice of hotel.

Program code/Reason for travel

When you call or email W.E. Travel, the agent will ask you to provide the full BCTF program expense code (e.g., F100-600500-1100) along with your reason for travel (e.g., Finance Committee meeting). If you do not know the full program code, please contact the staff person representing the program for which you are travelling.

Booking hotels for business use

The W.E. Travel agent will first try to book you into a unionized hotel if one is available, at their or the BCTF rate, whichever is lower. If a unionized hotel is not available (or there isn’t a hotel in the guide in the town you are travelling to), the agent will find other suitable accommodation. This is not an exhaustive list of hotels; it is meant to encourage you to use those with whom the BCTF has some history, but is not restrictive. We do prefer that you use unionized hotels and ensure that the daily rate is in line with those for other hotels listed in this guide.

Direct billing vs. using your own credit card

There are typically only two methods of paying for your hotel—direct billing to the BCTF or a personal credit card. If a hotel in the guide has approved a direct billing arrangement with the BCTF, the hotel will invoice the BCTF for room and taxes for the duration of your stay. To confirm this arrangement, the travel agent will ask the staff person for your program to send a “direct billing authorization” to the hotel which will guarantee payment and provide an expense code.

Please note, however, when checking in, most hotels will ask you to provide your own credit card for any additional charges related to your stay (e.g., meals, parking). You will pay for these charges upon check-out and claim any business-related expenses on your expense voucher. Members who wish to have credit/debit card deposit waived should contact the staffperson responsible for organizing the event so they can negotiate an alternative with the hotel.

If you are reserving a room at a hotel for business purposes that does not offer direct billing, you will need to provide your personal credit card to (a) the travel agent to secure the reservation, and (b) the hotel upon check-in to guarantee payment for all expenses relating to your stay. Upon check-out, you may use credit, cash, or debit to settle your account and you will be reimbursed by the BCTF upon submission of your expense voucher.

Single vs. double occupancy

The BCTF pays for room and taxes only for a standard single room, unless prior approval for an upgrade has been given by the program co-ordinator, or if no other room is available. Any additional room charges will be your responsibility. Rates listed do not include taxes, typically are subject to availability, and are based on single occupancy. If you are sharing a room, you will need to advise your program co-ordinator and/or W.E. Travel in order to get a double room.

If you are sharing a room with another member, each of you may claim $20.00 per night. If you are bringing someone who is not a member, you will be personally responsible for the difference between single and double occupancy rates.

Booking hotels for personal use

Most hotels listed in this guide allow members and staff to use BCTF rates for personal stays. Although rates may be subject to availability. You may be asked to supply BCTF and/or personal identification. Direct billing is only applicable to business stays. If you are booking a hotel for leisure you must use your personal credit card.

You may also wish to view discounts available to BCTF staff and members through the Advantage program
on the BCTF website under Services and Information>Benefits.

Accommodation Guide

  • Burnaby

  • Campbell River

  • Castlegar

  • Cranbrook

  • Dawson Creek

  • Duncan

  • Golden

  • Kamloops

  • Kelowna

  • Kimberley

  • Nanaimo

  • Nelson

  • New Westminster

  • North Vancouver

  • Parksville

  • Penticton

  • Prince George

  • Prince Rupert

  • Richmond

  • Salmon Arm

  • Smithers

  • Surrey

  • Terrace

  • Vancouver

  • Vernon

  • Victoria

  • Williams Lake

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