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Travel Expense and Reimbursement Information

Booking travel

Program code/Reason for travel

When members fill out the expense voucher, they are to provide the PSA program expense code (e.g., 600500−Y...) along with their reason for travel (e.g., PSA Executive Committee meeting). To find out the full program code, please contact the PSA co-ordinator.

Most economical mode of transportation (10.I.04)

As a general rule, members should travel by the fastest and most economical mode of transportation. In many cases, it is more cost-effective to fly than to drive, depending on the travel dates and routing.

Air travel (10.I.04.8.a and b)

Union vs. non-union airlines

We encourage that PSA Committee and PSA Council members to use unionized airlines when possible (and almost exclusively Air Canada) and only book on non-union airlines when Air Canada or other union airlines are completely unavailable, or if there are extenuating circumstances.

Advance booking of flights

To help reduce travel costs, members are encouraged to book their flights as early as possible and preferably no later than 14 days before the date of departure. Change fees are expensive, so members should only book flights when they are certain the dates and times will not change.

Changes or cancellations to airline bookings

Once members have booked their trip, the airline will email them an itinerary. Members are to review the itinerary as soon as they receive it, since certain airlines allow changes, without fees, within 24 hours of booking.

If any corrections to the itinerary are required, members must call the airline immediately to secure the lowest possible change fees.

Any changes that will incur fees must be pre-approved by the PSA president, treasurer, or signing authority. Examples of acceptable reasons are cancellation/change of meeting, family emergency, illness (member’s or an immediate family member’s), or inclement weather.

If members are approved to change their itinerary, the airline will charge a change fee and possibly additional fare which may be claimed on their expense voucher.

If members’ request to make a change to their booked flight is not approved, they will be responsible for the costs related to the change, as per Procedure 10.I.04.8.b.

Airfare Receipts

For any booking made directly with the airline by a member, a receipt for air fare is necessary.


Members may or may not have to pay for checked baggage, depending on the type of fare they book. They may claim baggage fees on their expense voucher. They are required to submit a receipt for one way only (usually the outbound flight) but they may claim baggage fees for the return trip. (This way, they can prepare and submit their expense claim prior to the end of a meeting.)

Other transportation (10.I.04)

Taxis and public transit

In general, members are encouraged to use public transit when possible. From the Vancouver International Airport, members can take the Canada Line to the BCTF building (Olympic Village station), Holiday Inn Vancouver Centre (Broadway station), or to many downtown Vancouver or Richmond hotels.

Members may claim the cost of their public transportation without providing a receipt. Taxi charges must be paid by the member and claimed on an expense voucher. Taxi receipts are required.


The bicycle allowance is 26¢ per kilometre.


Members are required to submit a receipt for a one-way ferry fare only, but they may claim fares for the return trip. (This way, they can prepare and submit their expense claim prior to the end of a meeting.)

Rental vehicles

Arrangements are to be made by members with written approval from the PSA president, treasurer, or signing authority. The least expensive car available should be rented. Members must retain a copy of the rental agreement and the receipt to submit with their expense claim.

Insurance coverage on rental vehicles

Third-party liability insurance coverage and collision coverage are not provided by the car rental agency as part of the basic rental charge and may be offered at additional cost.

PSA Council and PSA Committee members conducting PSA related businesses are not covered under the BCTF rental-car insurance policy. Members should, therefore, purchase appropriate insurance when renting vehicles.

Rental car rates

Prices for car rentals vary by location. For example, airport locations usually have a surcharge imposed by airport authorities, while taxes are determined by the province. Some locations (mainly in the United States) have daily surcharges. However, there are some locations in Canada where surcharges apply. Members should choose the least expensive car rental company for the dates of travel.

Members may take advantage of the BCTF’s rates for personal car rentals. These bookings must be made personally by the member in their own name, and that member is liable for any claims and/or damages that may result from car rentals used for personal use.

Please note that car rental rates are for base rental only, and do not include applicable taxes, fees, or surcharges and are subject to change.

For reference, when booking car rentals for personal use, the following are contact information for the rental agencies BCTF has negotiated discounts for members.

Members may also wish to view discounts available through the Advantage program. bctf.ca/advantage/travel.aspx


5% off the best available rate  
Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) number C620300
Telephone number 1-800-879-2847

Link to the BCTF dedicated Avis webpage is as follows: avis.com/car-rental/profile/go.ac?C620300.


Best promotional rate, or else daily rates are capped at: Compact (B) $47*
Mid-size (C) $48*
Budget Customer Discount (BCD) code A030400
Telephone number 1-800-268-8900

Link to the BCTF Budget webpage is as follows: www.budget.com/en/corporate/A030400

Enterprise and National

rates subject to change
Enterprise Rent-A-Car 5% off local retail rates.
National Car Rental
The program with National is also “Best Rated”—if the local retail rate is lower than the negotiated rate at time of booking, the lower rate will be selected if the contract ID number is used to book the rental.
Economy $43.00*
Compact $43.00*
Intermediate $47.00*
Additional driver fee for both brands This fee is waived for co-worker or spouse of BCTF renter.
ID number for both National and Enterprise XVC4024
Telephone numbers 1-800-227-7368 National
1-800-736-8222 Enterprise
Online reservations
(local branch direct contact numbers can also be located through these websites)

Use of personal vehicle while on PSA business

While on PSA business, members are encouraged to use the least expensive mode of travel and to use public transportation rather than personal vehicles. Members may use their own vehicle and claim allowable expenses as outlined below if it is not practical, possible, safe, or cost-effective to use public transportation.

Vehicle Insurance

Members must carry their own automobile insurance. Reimbursement will not be made for losses incurred from accidents, parking, or traffic violations. No one will be entitled to any personal gain or profit arising out of the use of an automobile on PSA business.

Mileage reimbursement

When attending a meeting in the local area

While attending meetings in their local area, members needing to drive their own vehicle may claim $0.54 per kilometre for the return trip. If two or more people drive together, only the driver can claim the reimbursement.

When attending other events out of the local area

If members choose to drive outside their local area when flying would be the more cost-effective option, they will receive reimbursement only up to the value of air fare rather than the actual kilometres driven. Please contact Michele Steele, msteele@bctf.ca or call 604-871-1802, with travel details to find out how much money will be reimbursed.

Other allowable expenses while driving own vehicle

When travelling to a PSA event, members will be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses that they would not have otherwise incurred. If they choose to drive when flying would be more economical, they may only claim expenses for accommodation and meals that they would incur if they had flown.

Members may claim highway or bridge tolls.

Members may claim parking expenses at their home airport, at their hotel, or at the event. No receipts required. Members may claim parking at the Vancouver International Airport.

Members receive a 25% parking discount off the regular rate for business and personal travel at Park’n Fly. Park’n Fly shuttle service to and from the terminal leaves every four to five minutes. Go to parknfly.ca/Corporate-Program.aspx and enter the code 59168 in the “Corporate Discount #” box, then click “Submit.” to receive a discount.

Aeroplan miles can also be earned. For more details, please see: parknfly.ca/ParkN-Fly-Rewards.aspx#RewardsBenefits.

Accommodation and meals (10.I.06)

Booking hotels for business use

A lot of hotels and rates, that have been negotiated by the BCTF, are listed in the BCTF’s 2018 Accommodation Guide*. PSA Committee and PSA Council members are welcome to book the hotels at the BCTF negotiated rates.

*this guide is available on the BCTF portal as a link under Travel Information.

Single vs. double occupancy

Only standard room charges and applicable taxes will be reimbursed. Any other room charges will be the members’ responsibility. Rates listed do not include taxes, are subject to availability, and are based on single occupancy.

If members are sharing a room with another member, each of them may claim $20.00 per night. If they are bringing someone who is not a member, they will be personally responsible for the difference between single and double occupancy rates.

Staying with friends or relatives

Members who stay with friends or relatives instead of staying at a hotel during PSA business may claim $30.00 per night.

Using own credit card

When members are reserving a hotel for business purposes, they will need to provide their personal credit card to the hotel upon check-in to guarantee payment for all expenses relating to their stay. Upon check-out, they may use credit, cash, or debit to settle their account for any additional charges related to their stay (e.g., meals, parking). For expenses that are claimable, they will be reimbursed by the PSA upon submission of their expense claim.

Booking hotels for personal use

Most hotels on our preferred list allow members to use BCTF rates for personal stays. Although, rates may be subject to availability. Members may be asked to supply some form of company and/or personal identification (e.g., business card and/or piece of government issued ID).

Members may also wish to view discounts available through the Advantage program: bctf.ca/advantage/travel.aspx

Meal reimbursement (per diems) (10.I.06.3)

The current meal reimbursement rates while on PSA business are as follows:

  • Breakfast—$14.00
  • Lunch—$16.00
  • Dinner—$26.00

Members may claim these amounts without receipts. They may not claim any meals that were provided by their hotel (e.g., breakfast) or as part of any PSA or PSA-sponsored event where a meal is provided.

Dependant care reimbursement (10.I.28)

Due to attendance at PSA related meetings/events, members incurring dependant* care expenses that would not otherwise have been incurred, may claim these expenses. Receipts containing the amount and the name/address of the caregiver are required. Allowable rates are $15 per hour to a maximum of $200 in any 24-hour period.

Receipts containing the name and address of the caregiver, and the amount paid, are required, and must be submitted with an expense voucher.

*for definition of “dependant,” please see the Members’ Guide, 10.I.28.1.

Expense vouchers (10.I.10)


The original expense voucher is to be approved by the PSA president, treasurer, or signing authority. Receipts as shown below must be submitted with the original claim. Anyone submitting claims without the required receipts will be notified to provide them before their claim will be processed.

All expense vouchers must be signed.


Members are encouraged to complete an expense voucher as soon as possible. Claims under $100 can be reimbursed in person at the front desk in the Finance and Administration (Accounting) Division.

Claims over $100 will be reimbursed to the member either by cheque or, if they have set up electronic funds transfer, directly into their bank account. Accounting has these applications on the front counter. An EFT set-up form is available at Bctf.ca/uploadedFiles/Public/Forms/EFT-Form.PDF.

Vouchers must be submitted within three months of the relevant event but within two months after the year-end (June 30).
Description of expense Receipt required?
Air fare Yes
Baggage fees Yes, a receipt for one way is needed but may claim for return
Bicycling No
Car rental and gas for rental Yes. Members must also submit their rental agreement; gas receipts
vehicle required (claim under Other Expenses)
Ferry fares Yes, a receipt for one way is needed but may claim for return
Highway/bridge tolls No
Mileage No, but need to indicate how many kilometres actually driven
Parking No
Taxis Yes, for both ways
Public Transit No
Hotels Yes
Sharing hotel room with No ($20.00 each per night)
another member
Staying with friends or No ($30.00 per night)
Per diems No
Dependant (child) care Yes ($15.00 per hour to a maximum of $200/day)
Other (allowable) expenses Yes