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Professional Conduct Unit Investigations

The Professional Conduct Unit (PCU) is mandated under the Teachers Act to regulate the professional conduct and competency of PCU members, primarily teachers.


Steps to take if you have received a letter from the PCU

  • 1. Contact your local president immediately

  • 2. Keep copies of all correspondence

  • 3. Ask the Professional Conduct Unit to contact your legal representative

What you should know

  • What matters are reported to the PCU?

  • How the PCU responds to reports

  • What not to do without legal advice

Common questions

  • What is the history of teacher regulation?

  • What is the structure of teacher regulation?

  • What types of conduct are covered by the Teacher Regulation Branch?

  • What are standards for educators?

  • How do matters come to the attention of the Teacher Regulation Branch?

  • What happens during a review by the commissioner?

  • What are teacher regulation branch investigations?

  • What happens during hearings?

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