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Safety Roles during COVID-19

Employer (school district)

  • Select, implement, and document risk assessments and appropriate site-specific control measures.
  • Ensure that all resources (information, authorization administrative changes, technology, training, human resources) and materials (personal protective equipment [PPE], equipment, cleaning and disinfecting products and systems) required to implement and maintain the plan are reasonably made available as practical when required.
  • Ensure that supervisors and workers are informed about the content of safety policies.
  • Conduct a periodic review of the effectiveness of the plan. This includes a review of the available control technologies to ensure that these are selected and used when practical.
  • Maintain records of training and inspections.
  • Re-examine all tasks in the workplace, especially those that require the direct care of students, and ensure that safe work procedures are updated with COVID-19 practices.
  • Where possible, have workers perform only essential tasks to maintain the student’s education and well-being. Tasks that are non-essential should be put on hold until directed otherwise by the provincial health officer. Supervisors (principals and vice principals)
  • Ensure that workers are knowledgeable regarding the controls required to minimize their risk of exposure to COVID-19.
  • Direct work in a manner that eliminates or minimizes the risk to workers.
  • Post or relay educational and informational material in an accessible area for workers to review. Workers (teachers, education assistants, support staff and outside contractors)
  • Know the controls required to minimize their risk of exposure to COVID-19.
  • Participate in COVID-19 related training and instruction.
  • Follow established work procedures and instructions as directed by the employer or supervisor.
  • Report any unsafe conditions or acts to the supervisor.
  • Know how and when to report exposure incidents